Iron Heart offers consulting services to high-technology companies located or conducting business in the Silicon Valley region of California. These services include systems design engineering, project setup and management, and organizational management.

Systems Design:  Define and scope product features including must haves, nice to haves, and cost targets.  Work with your organization to determine basic design and draft product documentation describing the design approach.  Continue to work with your organization as detailed and functional design specifications are completed to assist in trade-off selections, and to overcome design hurdles.

Project Setup and Management:  Work with your organization to understand the scope of a project, including resources, budget, and time constraints.  Develop an initial project plan that includes Gantt charts as needed; and documents, Wiki, or Web sites to track ongoing project status and progress.  Meet with project team weekly to get updated status.  Prepare updated Gantt charts and project progress documents.  Review with Management.

Organizational Management:  Work with senior management to improve the function of various departments.  Activities typically include reviewing organizational charts, interviewing team members, and examining product development flows and processes for both hardware and software.  Work with your organization to develop product features and roadmaps.  Results of efforts will be delivered in a written document covering recommendations, and conclusions of reviews.

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